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Beauregard Parish students return to school September 30, except Carver Elementary

Posted Date: 09/29/2020

Beauregard Parish students will return to school September 30 except Carver Elementary

Students in all Beauregard Parish schools except for Carver Elementary will return to school campuses to begin regular daily schedules, Wednesday, September 30, 2020, according to Superintendent Timothy Cooley.

“Students attending Carver Elementary will return to campus on Friday, October 2nd  to allow for time to complete the temporary roof and other restoration efforts to provide the best educational environment possible for our students, faculty, and staff,” he said.

Beauregard Parish schools sustained damage in varying degrees from Hurricane Laura. Clean-up and recovery efforts began immediately after the storm and have progressed so that students are able to return to school at this time.

Some schools have had to reconfigure procedures and classroom assignments to accommodate students’ return, and all schools have plans in place to ensure that education on a daily schedule can resume, Cooley explained.

“As professional educators, our administrators and teachers are concerned with providing environments conducive to learning and teaching,” he said. “We have been working very hard both on the physical buildings and on plans to include all aspects of daily activities in our school. We want safe, productive, operational environments at our schools and would not allow our students to return under unsuitable conditions.”

All students returning to campus will be attending a regular daily schedule. Phase III of COVID-19 state guidance allows for flexibility to resume normal schedules instead of the hybrid schedule at this time.

BPSB Schools Reopen Sept. 30, 2020

Beauregard Parish schools will continue to adhere to the face covering mandate as well as other Phase III guidelines for schools, including frequent hand washing, social distancing, temperature checks, and frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

The Central Office administration is working with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) concerning time recovery for our schools and will be making up days throughout the school year with as little disruption in the school calendar as possible.

Four-day schools will attend on Friday, October 2, 2020, and all schools will attend on Friday, October 9, 2020, which was initially a holiday on the school calendar. Since Beauregard Parish schools operate under two calendars – one for four-day schools and one for five-day schools – schools will have to make up days based on availability under the separate plans. All schools must follow the LDOE mandates for time recovery, and the Central Office will give as much notice to parents as possible as make-up days continue to be scheduled.

            “This school year began in an unprecedented manner, and we are now dealing with recovery efforts from Hurricane Laura,” concluded Cooley. “We appreciate parents’ support and understanding as we navigate this exceptional time, and want our community to know that we are making decisions with the best interests of all of our students in mind.”