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Attendance & Child Welfare

E. Joslin Supervisor


Eddie Joslin, Supervisor

Education is the key to your children’s future. As a loving and concerned parent, you want their education to be the finest available. Students in Beauregard Parish have well-qualified teachers, caring staff, and modern facilities which contribute to an excellent educational system. Each day at school is filled with learning activities that stimulate thought processes and develop skills through interaction between students, faculty, and many other people.

In order to experience success in school, students must be present to take advantage of these opportunities. Despite the most sincere efforts to make up missed class work, there is no substitute for participation in classroom activities, discussions, and other learning experiences directed by the teacher.

Because being in class is so vital to developing an understanding of the subject matter, the State of Louisiana and the Beauregard Parish School Board have established attendance regulations. Parents are responsible to see that their children attend school EACH DAY that classes are in session. They are also responsible to be certain that their children arrive ON TIME and ready to learn.

Schools begin promptly at their designated times. Tardiness is costly in terms of educational minutes lost. If a student arrives late to school by five (5) minutes each day, he/she will miss 15 hours of instruction…almost three days of the school year! As you make sure that your children arrive on time each day, they will learn that you value the educational process. This will help them develop a positive attitude about school and learning.

All absences from school must be due to an approved condition. Unexcused absences result in a failed grade for all activities and tests during the period of absence. Excessive absences of any kind can prevent a student from passing to the next grade level at the end of the school year.

It is very discouraging to a student to work hard during the year and then experience grade retention because of excessive absences. This CAN and DOES happen! Parents must see that their children are attending school each school day.

Students who are temporarily unable to attend school due to prolonged health care treatment, physical illness, or accident are provided instructional services during the period of time that they are not able to attend school. A homebound teacher secures lessons from the student’s teachers and assists the student in preparing to return to school. Application papers for homebound instruction must be completed by a doctor and should be requested from the school as soon as possible after the need arises. Please contact the school’s counselor for more details about homebound instruction.

The Beauregard Parish School Board has implemented the online Parent Communication Center so that parents can monitor their child’s educational progress, including attendance and grades. For more information about how to take advantage of this service, please contact your child’s school.