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BPSB's New Parent Health Portal

Posted Date: 05/27/2021

Welcome to BPSB’s Parent Health Portal!

Beauregard Parish Schools has a new Mobile App / Desktop application available to provide you with convenient, 24-hour online access to items in your child’s health record. Using a secure username and password, you can view district-designated health information, communicate with your School Nurse, review/sign forms, and even provide the School Nurse with new information from outside health services received by your child.

Parent/Guardian will be able to see the following information, if applicable to your child:
 Health Information Form for you to complete
 Communications from your child’s School Nurse
 Low Water Mark on prescriptions, if applicable
 Glucose Readings, applies only to diabetic students
 Delinquent Immunizations

You have to provide the school / School Nurse with your personal Email address.  We must have your email address for you to be able activate your account as a family with your personal email that you provided to the school district during your student registration with the district.  (*If both parents/guardians provided their emails to the school district, you may use one of the emails to start one account or both emails to start more than one account.)

Please see this LINK for more info.  You may also access this information under “BPSB’s Parent Health Portal” located under the Parents and Students tab of the website.