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Beauregard remains among top graduation rates in the state

Posted Date: 11/18/2022

The Louisiana Department of Education (DOE) has released the 2021 cohort data for graduation rates which shows Beauregard Parish maintaining a rate above 90 percent for nine consecutive years, according to Timothy J. Cooley, Superintendent of Beauregard Parish schools.


The 2021 graduating class in Beauregard Parish had a 92.6 percent graduation rate.


“This is the sixteenth year that the state has issued graduation rate data,” Cooley continued, “and Beauregard Parish has been among the top school districts in the state and among the highest ranking districts each of the sixteen years. In addition, we have maintained a graduation rate above 90 percent for nine consecutive years.”


Four high schools in the parish earned over 90 percent graduation rate. Seniors scored in the “A” or “B” range for all subcategories listed for the parish including in the “A” range, above 90 percent, in eight subcategories, and in the “B” range in five subcategories.


The Department of Education has set a goal of all school districts achieving a 90 percent graduation rate or higher by 2025.


Louisiana uses a Cohort Completion Rate analysis which tracks students entering the ninth grade through graduation.  For the current standings, information was compiled over a four year period beginning with the 2017-2018 school year and ending in the spring of 2021.  


Students who entered high school as first-time freshmen in the fall of 2017 were tracked through the time of graduation. A graduate is defined as a student who received a high school diploma in four years.


Graduation rates are used in the Department of Education’s evaluation of high schools, counting for 25 percent of the School Performance Score.  The overall graduation rate for Louisiana was 83.4 percent.


The goal of the Beauregard Parish school system is to provide excellence in education with a mission to graduate students who are prepared to meet the challenges of post-secondary education or careers, Cooley continued.


“Graduation is the ultimate goal of our school system and the result of persistence on the part of students, teachers, parents, and administrators,” Cooley concluded.  “We will continue to provide opportunities for Beauregard Parish students to attain their high school diploma, preparing them for a successful future.”