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Virtual Connectivity HotSpots

Beauregard Virtual Connectivity Hotspots

*Due to the inclement weather and power outages, some hotspots may not be fully restored

  1.  Click on the map.
  2.  Roll the zoom in.
  3.  Find your nearest hotspot.
  4.  Click on the hotspot icon for directions.

For technology issues at a virtual connectivity hotspot area, please call 337-463-5551 or email

If you are experiencing issues logging on or accessing your account, please contact your school or visit your school’s website to find the contact information of the person who can assist you.

If there are connectivity issues or if you are not seeing the WiFi Broadcast from the designated location, please text our automated help line,  337-231-0405 with the issue you are experiencing.  This is an automated text only line that will not respond, but it will alert our technicians to an issue