The Beauregard Parish School Board met in regular session Monday, February 6, 2017, at 6:00 pm in the Central Office Board Room. The following board members were present: David Vidrine, Charles Hudson, Martha Jackson, Darrin Manuel, Wesley Taylor, Don Gray, L. D. Spears, Kathy Bruner, Ray Bowman, Cassie Henry, and Student Representative Alternate, Danielle Broussard.


            Timothy J. Cooley, Superintendent, was present and acted as secretary.


            The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance were led by Teresa Parmley.

            David Vidrine asked board members to review the agenda and stated that he would entertain a motion to adopt the agenda. Upon motion of Kathy Bruner, seconded by Cassie Henry, board members voted to adopt the agenda as presented.

            Next, board members were asked to consider adopting the minutes of the January 12, 2017, regular school board meeting, as published in the official journal. Upon motion of Don Gray, seconded by Wesley Taylor, board members voted to adopt the minutes of the January 12, 2017, regular school board meeting as published in the official journal.

            Beginning the Superintendent’s Report, Superintendent Tim Cooley expressed his appreciation to Fine Arts Supervisor Eddie Joslin for his efforts in coordinating the Beauregard Parish Honor Band Concerts. The concerts took place on Friday, February 3, 2017, with 205 students from across the parish taking part.

            Board members were advised that the “Excellence in Education” report detailing highlights of the 2015-2016 school year had been placed in each of their folders.

            Mr. Cooley announced that the Discipline Policy Review Committee would meet on at 1:00 pm on February 21, 2017, at the Title I / Media Center. He noted that a board member serves .as a committee member and Mr. Vidrine would make the assignment later in the meeting, with the other committee assignments.

            Board members learned that the following administrative contracts would be renewed using the standard 2-year contract: Lesia Casanovas, Sallie Ford, Teresa Parmley, R. Scott Cornes, Shawn Baggett, and Rebecca Hollie.

             Mr. Cooley reminded board members that, per Act 705 of the 2010 Louisiana Legislature, school board members are mandated to receive 6 hours of CLUs (Continuing Learning Units) annually. According to Mr. Cooley, all board members received the required number of hours for 2016 as follows:

            Ray Bowman:                 6.0 hours                     Martha Jackson:            16.5 hours

            Kathy Bruner:                25.5 hours                     Darrin Manuel:                7.0 hours

            Don Gray:                      11.0 hours                     L. D. Spears:                  6.0 hours

            Cassie Henry:                14.0 hours                     Wesley Taylor:                7.0 hours 

            Charles Hudson:            11.5 hours                     David Vidrine:                 8.0 hours

The cumulative total of training received by Beauregard Parish School Board members for 2016 was 112.5 hours.

            The next agenda item was for board members to recognize the Beauregard Parish Students of the Year. Kari Ifland spoke to board members about the Student of the Year program, sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Education each year to recognize outstanding students in our schools. Students are selected from 5th, 8th, and 12th grades, and must have maintained a 3.5 grade average. They must be active in school and in their respective communities, and be involved in leadership roles in both schools and the community. In addition, all nominees for Student of the Year must complete a timed-writing and a 15-minute interview at each level, as well as submit a portfolio documenting their activities and involvement. Each school selects a Student of the Year, who then competes for Beauregard Parish Student of the Year. The winners at the parish level then go on to represent their respective parishes at the regional competitions and finally, winners regional level go on to compete at the state level. The Beauregard Parish Elementary Student of the Year, Baylie Menard, was recognized by Pine Wood Elementary Principal, Jimmy Maricle; the Beauregard Parish Junior High Student of the Year, Hannah Lewis, was presented by Merryville High School Principal, Donnie Love; and the Beauregard Parish High School Student of the Year, Kailey Bailey, was introduced by East Beauregard High School Principal, Larry Hollie. Each of these students was awarded a plaque recognizing their achievement.

            Board members were asked to discuss the selection of an architect for the East Beauregard High School weight room project, in the next agenda item. L. D. Spears explained to board members that about a year ago, the board approved three projects, one of which was a new weight room at East Beauregard High School, which he hoped could include restrooms with exterior access. Mr. Spears emphasized that–while he had no problem with the order in which the projects had been addressed–he felt it was time to begin the process of constructing the East Beauregard High School weight room. Mr. Spears stated that he would like to offer the project to Lake Charles archictect, Mr. David Moss, of Moss Architects, Inc., who completed the re-roofing of DeRidder Junior High School, citing several additional projects the firm had completed in Calcasieu Parish and surrounding area. Mr. Spears reminded board members that, should the board approve his selection to develop the plans for the weight room, the board would retain the ability to approve or reject the actual plans, once they had been developed and submitted. Mr. Spears offered a motion to select Mr. David Moss, of Moss Architecture, to develop plans for construction of the East Beauregard High School weight room at the educational rate of 6%, which was seconded by Don Gray. Mr. Ramsey commented that work done by Moss Architects, Inc. on the DeRidder Junior High School roof had been entirely satisfactory, finishing both on schedule and within budget. Board members discussed the features that had been proposed for the weight room project and the available funds, agreeing that when these three projects were approved the figure available for completion of these projects was at least $2 million, but not more than $3 million. Bringing the discussion back to the original agenda item, to discuss selection of an architect for the East Beauregard High School weight room, several board members expressed dissatisfaction with having just one architect presented. Board members were reminded that the difference in the selection of an architect for the East Beauregard weight room project and selection of an architect for the South Beauregard band room was in the construction of the facility itself–which was simply the construction of a second, identical building to the East Beauregard High School band room–using the plans drawn by original architect, since the plans themselves are the work and property of that architect and not available for use by other architectural professionals. The process of architect selection was discussed for several additional minutes. Upon voting, the motion to select Mr. David Moss, of Moss Architecture, Inc., to develop plans for construction of the East Beauregard High School weight room at the educational rate of 6% was rejected by a margin of 6-4 (with Bowman, Gray, Jackson, and Spears voting yes; Bruner, Henry, Hudson, Manuel, Taylor, and Vidrine voting no) in a roll call vote. Board members requested that the Building and Grounds Committee address the issue of developing a process for architect selection at its March meeting.

            For the next two agenda items, James Herrington advised board members that the changes being suggested were the result of action taken by the legislature. For the first of these, policy File:JBC, School Admission, Mr. Herrington stated that the revisions would prohibit the school board or individual school from requiring that parents reveal any medical information or special education needs prior to enrollment of their child. A parent may still disclose health or special needs information voluntarily, but it may not be used to prevent the student from enrolling. In addition, according to Mr. Herrington, charter schools were included in the wording of the statute. Upon motion of Cassie Henry, seconded by Ray Bowman, board members voted to accept revision of policy File:JBC, School Admission, with final adoption in March 2017.

            The second policy, File:JQF, Married, Expectant, or Parenting Students, has extensive changes intended to facilitate a married, expectant, or parenting student being able to complete their high school education and graduate, according to Mr. Herrington. Upon motion of Kathy Bruner, seconded by Don Gray, board members voted to accept revision of policy File:JQF, Married, Expectant, or Parenting Students, with final adoption in March 2017.

            The last agenda item was to receive committee assignments for 2017. David Vidrine announced that the Policy Committee chairperson would continue to be Cassie Henry. Ms. Henry will be joined by committee members Ray Bowman, Martha Jackson, Darrin Manuel, L. D. Spears, with Mr. Vidrine serving the committee as alternate. The Building and Grounds Committee will continue to be chaired by Wesley Taylor, and committee members will be Darrin Manuel, Kathy Bruner, Don Gray, and Charles Hudson, with Mr. Vidrine filling the role of committee alternate when one is required. The Calendar Committee will remain unchanged, with Martha Jackson representing the 4-day schools and Darrin Manuel representing the 5-day schools. And finally, representing the school board on the Discipline Policy Review Committee for 2017 will be Kathy Bruner. Mr. Vidrine’s closing remarks encouraged committee chairpersons not to be restricted to a once-a-month meeting schedule, if a pressing matter presented itself and not to feel pressured to meet every month, if nothing needed to be addressed. Committee chairpersons were asked to contact Mr. Vidrine or Mr. Cooley with any concerns.

            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by general consent.






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