Upon the decision of the Beauregard Parish School Board to purchase a given piece of property, expropriation proceedings on such property and negotiations with the owner shall begin immediately in order that no time will be lost in establishing data on which to base the market value of the property.  When a problem arises during negotiations which delays acquisition of the property by the Board, expropriation proceedings will continue to the point where agreement has been reached between the Board and the property owner or until court action has been taken to acquire the property.  When possible, the Board will keep in communication with the owner as proceedings develop in order to provide an opportunity for consummation of the purchase rather than resorting to court action.  It is the Board's intent to negotiate amicably and to avoid friction when possible while continuing negotiations.


Adopted:  March 15, 1977



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง19:1, 19:2, 19:2.1, 19:2.2


Beauregard Parish School Board