The Beauregard Parish School Board believes naming a school or a school facility is a matter of great importance; one that deserves the most thoughtful attention.  The School Board shall not be influenced in its decision by personal prejudice or favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity in choosing a name.  No school, school building, or other public building shall be named after any living person.  However, a street that is maintained by the School Board and that is not a state or federal highway, or any existing athletic facilities at a school within the School Board's jurisdiction may be named in honor of a living person.




  1. The submission of names for consideration for naming of facilities should originate from the school and/or community and shall be submitted to the principal of the affected school.  The principal shall research to verify that those submitted have made a significant contribution to the school, which may involve community input.  The principal shall then determine whether to bring the considered name to the Superintendent.

  2. Once a proposed name is presented to the Superintendent, the principal submitting the name and the Superintendent shall meet to discuss the reasons for the submission.

  3. If the Superintendent determines the proposed name should be recommended to the School Board, the name shall be presented to the Building and Grounds Committee of the School Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

  4. The Building and Grounds Committee, based on public input, shall recommend to the School Board to accept or deny the recommended name at the next regularly scheduled School Board Meeting.


New policy:  July 12, 2018



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:85, 42:267

Board minutes, 7-12-18


Beauregard Parish School Board