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The Beauregard Parish School Board makes a concerted effort to employ the best persons available to fill vacancies in the administrative and supervisory areas.  The School Board shall make all appointments based on the recommendation of the Superintendent according to established procedures.


Upon the creation of a new administrative or supervisory position, or a vacancy in an existing position, except for the position of Superintendent of Schools, position announcements shall be sent by the Personnel Director to each school and the School Board’s official journal.  Only applicants certified for the position according to Bulletin 746, Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel shall qualify for consideration.


After the time period for submitting applications has expired, an Interview Team shall be called into session by the Superintendent to conduct interviews.   The Personnel Director shall compile initial pre-interview points on each applicant and house these points in the Personnel Office.  Applicants and interviewers shall be notified of the time and place of the interview.


After the interview has been completed, each member of the Interview Team shall complete an Interview Tally Sheet for each applicant.   The Interview Team shall send the name of the top candidate in writing to the Superintendent along with applications and other relevant information, for review.  After review, the Superintendent shall make a recommendation to the Board and the Board shall act on the recommendation.


Acting administrative and supervisory positions shall be chosen by the same established procedures used for administrative and supervisory positions.




The following guidelines shall be used in determining the qualifications of applicants for administrative and supervisory positions:


  1. Pre-Interview


    1. Professional Preparation   


      1. Master's Degree                               5 points

      2. Master's Degree + 30 hours            6 points

      3. Educational Specialist's Degree     7 points

      4. Doctorate                                           8 points


    1. Years of Experience (Note:  Applicant will receive points for both areas, if applicable.)


      1. Total Years as Professional Educator


        1. 1-5 years                1 point
        2. 6-10 years              2 points
        3. 11-15 years            3 points
        4. 16-20 years            4 points
        5. 21+ years               5 points


      1. Years in Beauregard Parish


        1. 1-5 years              1 point

        2. 6-10 years            2 points

        3. 10+ years             3 points


    1. Years in Administration 
      (Note:  Applicant will receive points for both areas, if applicable.)


      1. Administrative Assistant/Assistant Principal


        1. 1-2 years                1 point
        2. 3-4 years                2 points

        3. 5-6 years                3 points

        4. 7+ years                 4 points


      1. Principal/Supervisory position


        1. 1-2 years                2 points

        2. 3-4 years                4 points

        3. 5-6 years                6 points

        4. 7+ years                 8 points


  1. Interview


    1. Guidelines for the Interview Team


      1. The Interview Team and the applicant shall be the only people present during the interview.


      2. In case of a tie between candidates, the interview points shall break the tie.  In the event that the interview points are tied, a written signed vote of the interview team members shall determine the tie breaker.

      3. In the event that the interview points are tied, a written signed vote by each interview team member for a single applicant shall determine the final decision.


    1. Interview Teams shall consist of the following persons:


      1. Assistant Principal position


        1. Principal of the School

        2. Supervisor (Superintendent's choice)

        3. Director of Personnel


      1. Principal position


        1. Assistant Superintendent

        2. Director/Instructional Supervisor (Superintendent’s choice)

        3. Director of Personnel


      1. Supervisor position


        1. Assistant Superintendent

        2. Director/Instructional Supervisor (Superintendent’s choice)

        3. Director of Personnel


      1. Director position


        1. Assistant Superintendent

        2. Two (2) directors of a different position (Superintendent's choice)


      1. Assistant Superintendent shall be selected as follows:


        1. The Beauregard Parish School Board acting in its capacity as an elected body shall make up the interviewing body in its entirety.

        2. Candidates shall be asked the same one to five questions chosen by the School Board and shall be allowed the same amount of time in which to respond to the questions.

        3. The Board may conduct the interview procedure in Executive Session, provided, however, that


          1. each candidate shall be so notified in writing at least twenty four (24) hours before the meeting.

          2. an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Board members  present is taken in open session.

          3. the candidate does not require that the interview procedure be conducted in open session.

          4. written public notice of the meeting is given with notification of the intent to conduct the interview procedure in Executive Session.


        1. After all candidates are interviewed for the administrative position, the Board shall close the Executive Session portion of the interview procedure, where applicable, and go into an open meeting.

        2. The Superintendent shall then recommend a person for the position to the Board, taking into consideration the educational profile of each applicant, the interview procedure, as well as all other qualifications, and the Board shall act on the recommendation. 


    1. Interview questions shall be developed by the Director of Personnel.


      1. The Director of Personnel, with appropriate input from the Central Office staff, shall develop questions, appropriate for the position being interviewed, to be asked of each applicant during the interview.

      2. A point value shall be assigned to the questions prior to beginning the interview process that equals the total of the pre-interview process.


Adopted: March 15, 1977 (Positions)

Revised: May 9, 1988

Revised: Dec. 16, 1991

Revised: July 13, 2006

Revised:  December 13, 2007

Revised:  September 9, 2010



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81,17:84

Board minutes, 7-13-06, 12-13-07, 9-9-10


Beauregard Parish School Board