1. He/she is the secretary-treasurer and chief officer of the Beauregard Parish School Board.

  2. He/she is a full-time public official and must devote his/her entire time to the duties of his/her office.

  3. He/she makes reports to the School Board, the Louisiana Department of Education, and the State Supervisor of Public Funds.

  4. He/she shall visit and inspect the schools in his/her system and make quarterly reports to the Board. 

  5. He/she insures that the state school laws, regulations of the Louisiana Department of Education and of the Louisiana Board of Education, and policies of his/her system are observed.

  6. He/she shall keep a record of all the business transactions of the Board, including the official minutes of the Board meetings and safeguarding thereof.

  7. He/she shall recommend professional and non-professional employees for employment, retention, and promotion by the School Board.

  8. He/she is the coordinator of the operation of the entire school system.

  9. He/she prepares and recommends the budget, and after its adoption by the School Board and its approval by the State Superintendent, he/she is responsible for its execution.

  10. He/she is responsible for the transportation of school children and shall see to it that economic, safe and efficient transportation is maintained.

  11. He/she is responsible for the business management of the School Board's business, including the purchasing of equipment and supplies.

  12. He/she directs the work of his/her entire staff, including business, professional, and clerical assistants.

  13. He/she shall provide for the adequate utilization, maintenance and insurance of school property.

  14. He/she is responsible for the educational program in his/her school system and provides for its cooperative long-range planning and development in order that the program may be expanded, enriched, and extended as the opportunities present themselves and as additional funds become available for such purposes.

  15. He/she shall provide for a school lunch program and the administration thereof.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:91, 17:92, 17:93, 17:94, 17:95


Beauregard Parish School Board